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AITO M9 from Huawei launched at 65,750 USD and Mass Delivery by Feb.26

Time : 2024-02-22Hits : 38

Aito is a joint project between Huawei and Seres. In this JV, Seres manufactures Aito vehicles, while Huawei acts as a major parts and software supplier. Moreover, the Chinese tech giant is responsible for selling Aito vehicles. They are available for purchase in Huawei flagship stores across China. The Aito model line comprises three models, M5, M7, and M9, that entered the Chinese market today.

The Aito M9 is a flagship SUV from Huawei and Seres. It is a 5.2-meter high-end vehicle with six seats inside. It is available in EREV and EV versions with a price range of 469,800–569,800 yuan (65,750–79,750 USD). The M9 targets petrol-powered SUVs from legacy brands such as BMW X7 and Mercedes-Benz GLS. This beast will also rival Li Auto L9, Nio ES8 and Hongqi E-HS9.The Aito M9 is available in four trim levels:

• M9 EREV Max–469,800 RMB (65,750 USD)

• M9 EV Max–509,800RMB(71,350 USD)

• M9 EREV Ultra–529,800RMB(74,150 USD)

• M9 EV Ultra–569,800RMB (79,750 USD)

The Aito M9 is expected to begin mass delivery by February 26, 2024. A representative from Seres stated that the company has built a world-leading super smart factory in Chongqing. This factory integrates advanced technologies like AR vision and big data into its intelligent manufacturingequipment. Key processes are fully automated, enabling a new vehicle to roll off the production line every 30 seconds, making it the most efficient globally.


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